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Being a nurse, Mary got Jessi all kinds of therapy- she seemed to have a great deal of sensory issues. Jessi received ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) therapy 4 days a week.  Every scene was extremely exaggerated, very emotional.  The ECI therapy and exercises helped tremendously.  Through time and therapy, Jessi  began to develop in every way except her speech.  The Crouse’s had a solution– teach her sign language and so they did.  Jessi picked up on it quickly and they were excited to be able to communicate with their daughter. 

The ECI therapy was working and through alot of hard work- Jessi finally spoke at the age of 3 years old!  YAY!

More progress was being made… Jessi crawled for the first time in Thanksgiving of 2003 and walked Feb 14, 2004!  YAY!

It has been a long road for Jessi but TODAY, Jessi has been described as an “old soul and very helpful.”  She has always had a very high social IQ.  At 5 years old- she was extremely thankful and super polite to all.   By 6 years old– she would say things like “thats ok dear.”

The good news is that Jessi through sensory therapy and counseling has learned how to overcome the obstacles that have plagued her.   She is  only 4’9″ but has the personality and presence of someone who is 6’0″!   She is a FIGHTER- pushes herself hard and does not use her past challenges as a crutch. She loves psychology, the theater and helping others.  She is now 16 years old, doing great in school and looks forward to the rest of her journey.

It is clear that with determination and the Crouse’s support and love, they were able to help Jessi find her true potential. No one said it would be easy- parenting certainly is not regardless of the circumstances.

Mike, Mary, Alex and Jessi Crouse


Alex and Jessi Crouse

Both Alex and Jessi have a desire to find their biological family.   Lots of questions and who do I look like?   As of this writing, Mary has found a retired police chief in Bulgaria who will find your biological family for you.

While Alex’s story is still developing in regard to this next chapter, this police chief has found his biological mother and he knows that he has a 1/2 sibling and they are in contact.

As far as Jessi is concerned, hers has developed a bit faster.  She has seen a video of her biological parents talking to the police chief.  Her mother burst into tears the first time that she saw Jessi via pictures and videos.  Her bio parents are still married and she has 4 biological siblings.  Her older biological brother is on Facebook and they have corresponded.  Her bio mother told her that she wanted to keep her when she was born…but in Bulgaria because she was special needs- she was not given a choice and had to be adopted out.

Both Alex and Jessi understand the opportunity that they have been given.  They have been raised in a strong Christian home with a lot of love and support.  After all, isn’t that really all kids need?

The 3 Bulgarians…  funny that they all have similar stories and find themselves meeting up for the first time 1/2 way across the world…..
(Jason Wyant, Jessi and Alex Crouse).

As for Mary.. she got her family… 4 kids.. as we joked that day we sat down… often time God brings them to you in very unexpected ways.

The Crouse family

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