On a lovely Saturday afternoon, I caught up with Barbara Bentley who is one of my mother’s longest friends in Texas.  I hadn’t seen Barbara in YEARS but had corresponded on Facebook.. she has taken an interest in this blog and I knew that her story had to be told.  (Barbara was involved in international adoption before it became a household phrase.)

The year was 1974 and Barbara sat in her office at Texas Instruments (TI) continuing to deal with the tragedy that took her only daughter in 1971.  Her husband had been sent to El Salvador to open a plant for TI.  When she decided one afternoon that she would take some of her vacation time and  go and visit her husband in El Salvador, little did she know at that time that her life would change forever.

As she was preparing to go to El Salvador-  she felt this gentle tap on her shoulder.  For a while she nudged it off.. but she refers to it as “God’s highway”- we are just here for the ride. She felt this nudge constantly and explains it today as “God tapping her on the shoulder leading her in a direction….”  Like many of us, she blew it off and went about her way but the “nudging” got stronger and stronger.

As she was preparing for her trip to El Salvador to meet Buddy (her husband), she was asked by one of her co-workers to take a gift to a couple who were in El Salvador picking up their newly adopted baby boy.   They were apparently down there for a month finalizing all of the paperwork.  Barbara was eager to assist.

Barbara made it to El Salvador and as agreed, went over to the couple’s house to drop off the gift for the newly adopted boy.  She knocked on the door and no one answered, so she left the gift on the porch and as she was walking away- the door opened.

As Barbara was visiting with the couple and the sweet, young  boy–  she said, “I wish I had another little girl…”  You see, Barbara had 2 sons at home (Jeff 14 and Brian 2) but she longed for a little girl.  As mentioned, she tragically lost her daughter 3 years prior.

The woman looked at Barbara and said, “I know where you can get one.”

It suddenly hit Barbara…. she finally knew what that nudging was on her shoulder.. it was God gently tapping her on the shoulder repeatedly…. remember “God’s highway”….

She was in El Salvador to change her life, her family’s life and the life of a beautiful little Salvadoran girl.

And so it began….

Stay tuned... for Barbara’s story….

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