Podcast… December 2018

I was so honored to be asked to join a podcast for Seated2Serve.. see below: If you ever wondered how adoption positively impacts lives, then you will want to meet Janell Wyant, author of the website http://adopt2love.com. Our latest podcast can be found at http://bit.ly/2rur1j9.S

My Story… #6 the journey home

July 1999- a call from AIAA:  “Janell, the court system in Bulgaria has approved the adoption, you are now free to pick up your son.” PHONE DROP…. The waiting, the paperwork, the wanting, the apprehensiveness… it was all coming together.. It had been 4 years since that day in the Read more…

My story….. #5 continued

A sincere thank you for continuing the journey and sharing with others… YOU are helping make a difference…. The continuation of my story….  A disclaimer …. I am NOT the most detailed person in the universe.. the paperwork, oh my the paperwork! Americans for International Aid & Adoption (AIAA)  sent  paperwork Read more…


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