The home studies were completed, the background checks- everything that needs to be completed to get through this process.  Once the paperwork was approved, they were on their way to Bulgaria to meet their son in September 1999. Alex was 20 months old and they were allowed to take him and spend 3 days with him.  They went to a hotel near the Black Sea.   This was happening for Mary…  she had asked God for 3 children by the time she was 33.

Her two foster kids (she refers to them as her sons) and Alex… they came to her differently than what she had expected, but she was grateful and wouldn’t have it any other way. Alex would come “home” on her 33rd birthday.

Back in the US, they waited and waited for the adoption to be finalized in Bulgaria.  At the time, there were all kinds of stories in the media regarding international adoption and of course the media has to choose the most sensationalized stories.  This caused a little concern with close family of the Crouse’s as foreign adoption was unknown to them.  But Mike and Mary persevered, they knew in their hearts that this was right. Their church family was extremely supportive and could not wait to welcome Alex.

In July of 2000 when Alex was 2.5 years old, they brought him home to America. He flourished and easily fit right into his new home.  He was speaking English by the time he was 3. There was very little transition, he immediately took to his new environment.

As far as special needs… Alex had 1 surgery in Bulgaria and another 16 in the U.S. Mary never allowed this to be a crutch– it was just something they had to do…. do it….. move on..

His parents say that Alex has always been a quiet, more reserved person.  He is very caring, loving and will help anyone in a time of need.  He may not say much but he does listen and take in everything someone is saying.

Alex is an avid tennis player and was the top tennis player at his high school.   He graduated from High School in 2016 and is currently a Dallas firefighter while he attends school studying fire science.  He is a strong Christian and that defines who he is…  His parents could not be prouder of the young man that he has grown to be and they know that his future is very bright. 


The Crouse Story doesn’t end here… there would be an addition to the family…

Up Next….. Meet Jessica 

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