Kelly– continued… part 2..

In El Salvador at this time, women would come to the local hospital to have their babies and after giving birth, would leave the baby in the bed and leave the hospital.  There were 160 babies and 3 nurses in this hospital.  Once the babies were checked out and in a very short amount of time,  these children were transferred to a local orphanage.

However, there was one little girl who was known as Baby X.  She was 2 months and 11 days old. She was a bit old to still be at the hospital. She was having some tests  run  to make sure that she had not contracted a recurring disease of her biological mother.  However, she was testing negative and she was in the midst of being transferred to an orphanage.

Barbara & Buddy walked into the hospital.   The nurses walked out with Baby X and put her in Barbara’s arms.  Baby X had on a purple diaper,  had not been bathed in a while, the left side of her face was a bit flat (the nurses didn’t turn her) and her hair was sticking straight up, she had never been held and she was very malnourished.

But none of that mattered… Barbara knew that she was on God’s highway and she instantly fell in love with Baby X. This was her daughter.. she knew it. God had directed her and “nudged” her into this place at this time for a specific reason.  Baby X would be known as Kelly.

While the hospital was talking to Barbara as she held Baby X (Kelly)-  they had a 6 inch file on Kelly.  They told her that Baby X’s mother was 15 and had come to the hospital to have the baby and  had left.  That was all that Barbara was told and she was not allowed to look at the 6 inch file.

But none of that mattered to Barbara, she KNEW-  unbeknownst to her while planning this trip, this was the purpose of her journey to El Salvador in 1974.  To find her daughter, to find Kelly.

Times were different then… much simpler.

Barbara and Buddy first saw her on a Wednesday and  by Friday of that same week they were able to take her back to their home in El Salvador.  They changed her diaper, gave her a bath, bought new clothes, had her hair cut and loved her.  They took her to get a physical with Dr. Porth which cost $12.50.

1st picture of Kelly after picking her up

Julia who took care of Kelly until Visa was obtained











By the following Saturday they were in court in San Salvador, El Salvador. It took 30 minutes in El Salvador for Judge Dr. Camacho to award Kelly to them.  The haircut, the clothes, the court fee– total of $50.

 Yes, the entire process took less than a week! 

By Monday the Bentley’s were getting her passport picture and visiting the American Embassy. The following day, (Tuesday) — Barbara left ES headed back to Dallas, TX (remember she had 2 sons at home).

While back in Dallas, Barbara began the  process of completing the paperwork to get Kelly a green card.  Buddy stayed in El Salvador with Kelly.  The boys thought mom went to see dad…(and she did) but she came back to let them know that they were going to have a new baby sister.   Brian was too young to comprehend and Jeff was “okay, cool.”  And that was that.

 A life changing whirlwind trip indeed…. but that was just the beginning for Kelly and the Bentley’s. 

Up Next- Kelly comes to America

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