(Continued)….Anna in search for her forever family….

While in church one day.. she looked around… there were a TON of families in this church.  Surely ONE would provide her the stability of a home.  She wouldn’t take up much space, she wouldn’t cause any problems, she would help out around the house. She was working at McDonald’s- she could help out financially if she had too.  WHAT ABOUT ME?

Then it came to her.. she wrote a letter to the senior pastor pleading with him to help her find a forever family.  This letter (which she opted not to share ) was extremely personal and from the soul.  The pastor was so moved that he read it to the congregation one Sunday.

You see… everyone knew Anna… but no one really KNEW Anna.

Within a week, a couple in their late 50’s wanted to meet Anna.  They felt like they were too old to adopt a child  (theirs were grown) but would help her in any way that they could.  As Anna tells the story… “I looked at them and said what’s wrong with me?Everyone wants to help me find a home but no one wants to BE my home.”

Needless to say- you know what happens here…. they DID indeed adopt Anna her senior year of high school.  She says it was the best graduation present ever!  Anna has her forever family now- including two older brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles.

She has a very infectious smile and her eyes light up when she talks about her family. There is no doubt that she is loved and that she loves them.

It’s been almost 7 years since Anna’s adoption.  She is going to school to be a dental hygienist.  She is engaged to a young man who works as a plumber.  She said that she has gotten “quieter” and is not as bold as she was when finding her forever family. She doesn’t know why… she can’t analyze it– she just has to look forward.

I asked her about getting married.. what were her long term goals?

She smiled… she said that she has “issues” in that she never plans to move out of her parents house.  It took her so long to find them– that she doesn’t want to let them go. She knows that she is not letting them go … but says its a process..

For now?  Anna is HAPPY and GRATEFUL.

Anna asked to not have her picture published or the name of the church she attends.  But she was very happy to share her story and hope that it does inspire someone else to provide a forever family to a child (regardless of age!)

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