(Don’t worry I am not going to get political)….

It was June of 2015 when Jason noticed that he would be able to vote for the first time in our upcoming Presidential election.  I sat back and watched him through the process… watching every single debate– both in the primaries and general election.  He did research reading and watching both CNN and FOX.  Yes, he even dragged me to a rally in downtown Dallas.  He truly wanted to understand the election process and I was very proud of him for doing his research and taking it all in.

On November 8, 2016  we went together to vote (remember this was his first time.)  He walked in proud (I think because he was voting age eligible) but what happened after ……….. We walked out and he put his hand on my shoulder (he is 6’1″ to my 5’9″) and said, “Mom, I truly feel like an American.  Thank you for bringing me to this country.”  The pride I still feel thinking about that moment is immeasurable.

Let’s fast forward a bit…

December 26, 2016– Jason and I went to Washington D.C. for a week.  He had never been to D.C. and so we spent time doing all of the “tourist” things.   To me, he was like a kid watching fireworks for the first time.  Aside from the city getting ready for the upcoming inauguration… there was so much history, so much to do and we took it all in.

Little things…. We were standing in the rotunda of the capitol building and he looked at me and said, “Wow, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan both stood right here!”

“Wow this is where the current and future Presidents will stand on inauguration day.”

It was no longer a history lesson, it all became real to him.

BUT my favorite story and moment…. we took the Metro to the opposite side of town to see the embassies– (yes of course the Bulgarian embassy.) It was soo cold that day but we were on a mission to find it!   Unfortunately it was closed by the time we got there so we decided to walk around the outside of the embassy and take it all in.

THEN.. we turned the corner to the alley which lead to the entrance and I just froze…

THE VERY LAST piece of the adoption process was when I hired a courier to take all of the documents and stand in line at the Bulgarian embassy in D.C. Their job was to get the documents stamped and approved.  I remembered… THIS is where that person stood and made it official that I could go and start the process in Bulgaria to get my son.

I got teary eyed as I stood there remembering all of this.. (Jason just thought I was weird)…

So, what’s next for Jason?  Jason is entering his junior year at college studying business at University of Texas at Dallas.  He is truly an entrepreneur at heart and so I look forward to watching his own journey.

He has at least 7 biological brothers and sisters in this world and so maybe our next journey is to reach out and find his biological family?? I don’t know.. that is his decision.

Jason is a very proud American young man who never has forgotten that his roots are from Bulgaria.  He loves America but during the Olympic opening ceremonies, I always see a special pride when the athletes from Bulgaria enter.

I constantly hear from others…. “Wow, you really changed his life.”

I chuckle.. “You are wrong,  HE is the one who has changed mine.”

Jason.. today….


THANK YOU for taking this journey with me…  I hope that you will stay tuned.. there is MUCH to come.

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Georgia Wahlstrom · April 23, 2018 at 2:46 pm

Janell, Yours is truly a special story and he is one lucky young fellow. We’re happy for you and for our family to have such a special kid in our lives. Our Love, Uncle Duane & Aunt Georgia

    JanWYa005 · April 27, 2018 at 5:49 am

    Aww.. thank you so much. That means a great deal to me!

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