One of the things that I struggled with (in hindsight was so stupid!) was how my parents and my mother-in-law would react to my choice to become a single parent.

First,  my mother-in-law.  She had endured quite a bit of tragedy during this time.  Wyant is my married name and I felt like I needed her permission to continue to “use” that name and give that name to a child.  (Dumb- I know now!) I was nervous making that call… (again- stupid thought but real!)   Her reaction was one of elation and support!   At this time, she was not a grandparent yet and Jason would be the first.. (another adopted child would come shortly thereafter when my sister-in-law adopted my nephew.)  She has loved Jason with all of her being since that day that I called her. Her support and encouragement over the years has meant a great deal to me.  She is known as “grandma” and is very much-loved.

My parents…my mom wrote a letter to Jason dated 7-22-00.  My dad wrote a novel detailing the events of each day in Bulgaria.   I am so glad that he did (I had forgotten some of it.)    I will quote a few excerpts from my mother’s letter. 

From my mother/Gram:

“It has been a year since you officially joined our family.  You were part of this family long before that time.  It started the day your Mom decided you were the little boy that she wanted to be her son…. right then your picture was placed alongside our other grandchildren.”

“… we were the lucky ones your mom asked to go with her to Bulgaria.  We knew nothing about Bulgaria and had to look it up on the map.. anticipating the trip was fun, not only being able to see you but visiting your country… not once but twice.”

“… we didn’t come to see a little boy, we came to see our grandson..”

“.. when you became a citizen in April 2000. it was a very proud moment.  Seeing you and your Mom stand there and take the oath was a very important and moving day for me.”

“I believe some things are meant to happen. Your mom was meant to find you. She gave you a whole new way of life & a family that loves you.  In turn you gave her a whole new life and the love of a young son…. welcome to the family Jason.”

From my father/Papa:

A few excerpts from my father’s journal:

“it really must be a bittersweet experience for the people at the orphanage to see these kids leave as they have been there so long and a person can’t help but get attached to them…”

“..we took Jason to the park to play (in Bulgaria). He is still feeling a little insecure and isn’t sure about all of the things he is experiencing.. he did get his first ride in a stroller… he cried when we took him out.”

“Belinda brought Austin and Alyssa to the airport to meet their new cousin.. all seemed very excited to get to know each other. “

“Jason continues to change. He has learned about 20 words by now… Laura and Deb (mother and sister-in-law) came down… they got to meet their grandson and nephew for the first time.”

… OKAY…. YES,  I am almost finished with my story… (I bet some of you thought it would never end!) lol

Next up:  Washington DC and coming full circle

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Lynnette Jett · April 17, 2018 at 3:01 pm

Such a beautiful story Janell and Jason. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

    JanWYa005 · April 27, 2018 at 5:50 am

    Thank you Lynnette.

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